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Who Is Contes Engineering?
We’re Family.  We’re Qualified.  We’re Having Fun.

 Contes Engineering consists of the talents of two brothers who share a love for engineering and cycling, though at two separate ends of the spectrum.  The drive of heavy competition inspires one of us, while the love of a leisurely and comfortable cruise is what the other enjoys.

 Likewise, one of us focused our career pursuits on the auto industry, durability testing and project management, and the other an extreme racer and masters-degreed mechanical engineer.  Completely alike but vastly different, we create products that appeal to a wide audience while also are thoughtfully planned, designed, and engineered.

 Our manufacturing and marketing takes place in the sunny bicycle mecca of Southern California, while the engineering and testing is hammered out in the cyclist’s paradise of Portland, Oregon.

 Between the two of us, we combine the knowledge of 12 years in the automotive testing field and 15 years of professional factory-sponsored BMX racing.  When you buy Contes Engineering, you buy legitimate experience.  No posers, no knockoffs.

 Contes Engineering was born from the daydreams of two guys who wanted to fab and ride their own brand, not settle for what was out there.  Realizing that our own brand was drawing a crowd wherever we went, we decided to take them to market.

 With the support of our wives and children, and some faith and trust, we finally launched in 2011.