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Cycling Differentials

 Contes Engineering offers the reliable and proven Samagaga differentials familiar to trike and recumbent cyclists as well as our own unique differentials.

We make these available to our retail clients especially, but will also quote out wholesale pricing on our proprietary units.

 Our proprietary differential is designed to meet the needs of commercial trike or surrey operators who need the benefits of a full open differential (versus one wheel drive) and the added strength for several hundred pounds of capacity.

 This unit uses flanged steel shafts for easy integration into one-off designs or retrofits.  Hardened steel gears are and sealed needle bearings also make the unit extremely serviceable.

 Our partner for lightweight and reliable precision differentials is Samagaga.  A popular choice among custom frame builders, Samagaga differentials are available in various configurations ranging from open helical differentials to semi-open positive drive sprag hubs.

 You can also review specs and drawing files for these units at the Samagaga website.